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Commercial Progression was a proud sponsor of the 2015 DrupalCamp Michigan. With over 100 in attendance, 11 formal presentations, and 1 excellent after party... the survey results are in and the community agreed that this was the best DrupalCamp Michigan to date. In addition to our general sponsorship, the Commercial Progresssion team represented well with 3 presentations covering all Drupal skill levels. This year's media package also included a complete video capture of each session, which you can find on our youtube channel.

Below you will find detailed information for each of the three Commercial Progression team presentations. Dan Reinders lead the charge with his dynamic training style and in depth team workflow experience for Git and Features. Not to be outdone, Hooked on Drupal's very own Brad Czerniak owned the classroom with "Variations on a Theme". But perhaps the best was saved for last when the dynamic duo of Andy Blanchard and Chris Keller brought the house down with an inside look at their tools and custom workflows for modern web design.

Intro to Git and Features

By Dan Reinders

Level: Beginner

Controlling your code is the foundation of a good development workflow. Using Git and Features will allow you to wrangle Drupal and maintain (or regain) your sanity.This session will be an introduction to git, including how to: use git, manage your code locally, migrate code to your server, and share code with your clients. We will also delve into using Features to allow Views, content types, Feeds, and other Drupal-y goodness to be exported to code and version controlled.

The benefits of a simply-coded, well-structured theme are obvious: maintainability, performance, self-esteem, and more. This session is an opinionated overview of theming best practices.

Templates and helper modules

Using blockify, field formatters, entity view modes, and other available tools allows your templates directory to be manageable and your template.php to focus on getting important things done.

Speaking of template.php, I'll demonstrate some reusable functions for adding utility classes that can come in handy in your stylesheets.


Whether you use a preprocessor or plain-old CSS, you can probably get away with fewer files and a smaller payload. I will spend a decent amount of time talking about why everything that everybody else does in their CSS is completely wrong, leaving you with a general idea of how to quikcly write CSS that accomplishes your business goals.

Resource payload

There are tons of ways to deliver fonts, images, icons, and other front-end bits to your pages. I'll explain the best way to do it in specific instances -- including a slick way to do social icons.

Variations on a Themefrom Commercial Progression

Tools for Modern Web Design

By Andy Blanchard and Chris KellerLevel: Intermediate

As the sites we build get increasingly complicated simplifying or overlapping processes can be a great way to speed up delivery. In this talk, we'll share the techniques and tools we use at Commercial Progression to quickly produce high-quality design and frontend deliverables.

We'll also discuss:

  • How wireframing can be a vacation from designing
  • Using wireframes to test the usability of your website
  • Why prototyping makes life easier and more complicated all at the same time
  • Explore front end development tools and their place in Drupal
    • CSS frameworks
    • CSS preprocessors
    • JS task runners

Tools for Modern Web Designfrom Commercial Progression

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