Ribbon cutting ceremony

It could be argued that a 6-person Drupal web development firm may not need a nice office; or any office for that matter. A year ago I would have agreed. We launched some really amazing web sites at our individual home offices or over coffee at the local cafe; for an average daily rent of $3.00 (not a bad deal!). But as both our client list and team grew, it became apparent that having a home base was a must. Not just for the space, the new desks, or even the beer fridge — but really for the culture.

In the past two years working at Commercial Progression I have learned that building a company is more than clients, work, accounting, and sales. It's more than a workspace of desks, laptops, and giant monitors. What truly defines a company is a culture that is positive for both employees and clients.

Opening the new office was important for us as a company. We sought to create a working environment that both functioned on a professional level and lended itself to creativity and fun. None of us wanted to work in a cubicle or in some basement, sans windows. We needed a space with character, and fill-in-the-blank walls we could use to reflect the culture we would develop.

Now, after being in our office for over 8 months, it's exciting to see how our space, our team, and our culture have progressed. Individual developers, designers, sales, and support instead now operate together as a team of Drupal Experts. From an old furniture store we create the best Drupal sites possible and delight our clients with prompt, friendly service. To me it has really cemented the idea that opening an office and creating a shared culture is essential for moving a startup forward.

I am excited to announce that we have officially opened our new office in Michigan and are celebrating 5 years of providing the best Drupal web development service around.