The Humanetics Group is a leader in sensory intelligence, virtual simulation, crash test systems, precision sensors and photonic solutions. Working across four distinct subsidiary brands, the organization needed a web presence to reflect its position in the technology markets it serves. The Humanetics Group marketing team engaged Symmetri to redesign its four subsidiary websites, showcase its capabilities and ensure future brands could be seamlessly added.

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Symmetri seized on two strategies for the Humanetics Group redesign. First, provide an online hub for engineers seeking innovative products from any of the four subsidiaries. This meant building a Drupal based CMS with a single marketing automation platform to work across all sites, as well as incorporating a utility navigation bar for one-click movement between them. Both Drupal and Drupal Commerce provide simplified product creation and seamless scalability. The second strategy was to create a new look, feel, voice and tone to better engage visitors and provide distinct equities for each site. To support digital marketing efforts and drive site traffic, Symmetri employed HubSpot to create complex content offerings with virtually no IT support. Finally, the team designed a single dashboard view to allow the CMO simple access to analytics across all five sites.

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In its first six months, the Humanetics Group portfolio of sites has garnered 450 form submissions with 16% month-over-month growth. In addition, the marketing team reports significant new business wins in medical, aerospace and automotive categories since the sites launched. Today, visitors to all subsidiary sites have a cohesive experience that enables them to find the right solutions while showcasing the brands’ leadership and credibility.

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