The used metal processing machinery market is a universe ripe with uneven quality and pricing. Galaxie Corporation works with clients to eliminate this uncertainty, delivering value and predictability in meeting a client’s needs. Their website functions as a searchable and categorized marketplace for metal processing machinery. On the backend, a custom CRM built in Drupal integrates their website directly with the core business.


Galaxie Corporation needed more than a website, they needed a complete online inventory, marketing, and sales platform.  An international sales team needed an online quoting system that could be updated from mobile tablet devices at the moment of equipment acquisition.  The integration of email marketing and tracking tools rounded out this website redesign project into a fully featured suite of business tools.


Upon completion of our project discovery phase, it was determined that Drupal was a suitable candidate to replace Galaxie’s legacy ORM/CRM systems. This provided an opportunity to greatly improve the integration of the sales, inventory, and customer management systems. A unified Drupal website instance could provide all of these services while simultaneously reducing the inventory and publishing time of new equipment from the field. Since the website design featured a responsive theme, the website functioned as a mobile web application for phone and tablet users. Drupal does integration and Commercial Progression can customize to the needs of the modern global manufacturing industry.


  • Responsive website design

  • Reduced equipment inventory time

  • Mobile application functionality

  • Integrated ORM & CRM

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