Hawk Incentives offers global incentive solutions to meet each client's specific needs, whatever they may be. Whether a business is seeking customer rebates, employee rewards or sales incentives, Hawk Incentives provides the ideal programs. With over 600 reward options to choose from, Hawk Incentives can deliver a solution that gets results by connecting with participants on their terms and offering an enjoyable user experience.


In 2016, Hawk Incentives (Then Blackhawk Engagement Solutions) approached Symmetri with a request to optimize their search engine marketing strategy to enhance lead generation. Alignment of SEO and paid media efforts around a focused strategy brought considerable gains in search and lead generation performance.


At the close 2016, Blackhawk Network was in the midst of rebranding its incentive solution provider, Blackhawk Engagement Solutions, to Hawk Incentives. An aggressive deadline was set for going live at the end of March 2017.

The Demand Generation team at Hawk Incentives needed a more compelling web presence for offering B2B rebate, reward and incentive solutions to prospective clients. Building on the SEM success of its last engagement, the team again engaged Symmetri to focus on the Hawk Incentives program brand and website relaunch.

Blackhawk Network’s recent rebranding of the Hawk Incentives program positioned the website redesign and upgrade as a crucial opportunity to launch and support the revised brand. Careful attention to the user experience, responsive web design standards, optimization for lead generation, and incorporation of a new brand style guide were key factors for the success of the project.


As the technology and web development arm of Symmetri, Commercial Progression selected the Drupal open source content management system (CMS) for the project. Migrating the original Blackhawk Engagement Solution website from the less-capable WordPress platform to the more robust Drupal CMS provided content managers and strategists with true flexibility in the information architecture phase of the project.


Launching on time and on budget is the holy grail of every web development project. Thanks to a precisely documented information architecture process and a high-engagement UX / design process, Hawk Incentives could launch with such a boast. The new Drupal website went live in Q2 of 2017 and is already experiencing marked gains in SEO metrics, visitor engagement and lead generation.

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