I've worked with Commercial Progression regularly over the past 4 years (since 2011). Over that time, I've used a variety of their services. Commercial Progression delivers the intangibles that you can't always quantify or put on a line item.

Over the years we've thrown a variety of unique situations their way, and they've always been flexible, knowledgeable, and responsive to our needs. Those are the intangibles we've come to depend on. I would recommend them.

~Jason Bibbings, Technology Coordinator - Center for Educational Networking


The Michigan's Integrated Mathematics Initiative (Mi)2 assists the state in creating a cohesive and collaborative system of support and professional development among existing mathematics resources.  We designed and built the website under contract from the Center for Educational Networking.  Additionally, we provided post-launch support.


Key features included a custom mapping tool for finding program facilitators by zip code and course offering. Professional learning opportunities are organized into quick previews of the courseware with pertinent calendar data and associated media elements. An integrated newsletter repository hosts the complete archive of communications and postings for the Michigan mathematics community.

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