IHPI is the nation's leading university-based institute of health services researchers evaluating how healthcare works and how it can be improved, and advising policy makers to inform change. IHPI brings together more than 460 investigators from U-M’s top-ranked schools. Drupal is the content management system of choice for this high profile medical website and collaborative healthcare research community. IHPI is preparing for a responsive Drupal website redesign.


Healthcare website design must incorporate user experience concerns for multiple audiences, this makes them a regular candidate for design updates. The existing IHPI website is slated for a redesign, but immediate Drupal updates and security can't wait. The U-M institute for healthcare policy and innovation chose Drupal for its flexibility as an open source CMS, and they needed the support to match. Drupal updates and security patches needed to be applied on a regular basis.


A comprehensive discovery phase was initiated to fully define the goals and priorities of the responsive web design rebuild project.

DrupalCare by Symmetri Technology was the perfect solution for IHPI's Drupal support needs. With a custom support package built to the needs of their healthcare website, IHPI is worry free and can focus on the redesign of their website.


  • Critical security patches

  • Pro-Active Drupal Support

  • Monthly update reports

Visit the IHPI Drupal Website

The IHPI website is protected by DrupalCare Pro-Active Support.

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