Partnering with Commercial Progression allowed us to deliver the site as planned while maintaining the same level of quality we would expect from our own team.

~ Dan Lobelle, Director of Electronic Communication - Western Michigan University


Getting control of your digital assets is a challenge for every business and institution, but especially for higher education. Colleges and universities generate an incredible amount of digital media every year and every day. Western Michigan University needed a better way to catalog and organize their photographic archive. A new photo database system built with Drupal was the solution to this digital asset management dilemma. 


Scaling your team can be a challenge. Higher education development departments have to choose their battles wisely. But that should not stay in the way of progress. Western Michigan was having a hard time prioritizing their Drupal photo database for a timely launch. Important projects need to get addressed, sometimes it's best to pull in an outside team for assistance.


Our team of expert Drupal developers are ready and on call. With a full team approach, including dedicated project managers and account managers, the success rate for web development projects greatly increases. Our development team runs on time and under budget, thanks to a streamlined development environment and best of bread project management practices. The Commercial Progression Drupal development team was able to seamlessly augment the Western Michigan development pipeline and push this project through.


Finished projects are invaluable in and of themselves. Western Michigan Universitynow has a fully functional intranet photo database online and available to serve the entire campus community.