Whether you are using Salesforce, Hubspot, Insightly, or an enterprise ERP system like Oracle, SAP, Netsuite or Microsoft Dynamics; many website integration projects begin with the embed of a web to lead form. This is a great place to start, and of course we can take care of that for your right away, but this is only the beginning of a meaningful CRM integration. We can build custom form integrations that make the management of form variations a breeze. Your website will know which fields are available in your CRM and you can build and style forms on your website the way you want them to be presented to your potential clients, not the way your CRM dictates. Complex forms can be reworked with gamification and conditional formatting, making the process of filling them out a fun process instead of chore.


Drupal is the ideal open source system for integrating with the field level data that is in your CRM. If you are using Drupal to power a web application or a business intranet, a CRM integration can put important customer information in front of your users and streamline their workflow. Your users will benefit from managing their tasks and customers instead of applications and software. If your customers log into your website to perform account update tasks, purchase products via e-commerce, or otherwise engage an online application; this is the perfect candidate for data integration to your CRM. Free up your CRM administrators time from doing data imports or manually importing customer data. Build the CRM integration and watch the business efficiencies affect the bottom line.


Marketing automation software like MailChimp, Hubspot, Marketo, SharpSpring, and Pardot are in many ways an integration of their own. Managing landing pages, lead contact data, email, and social media campaigns; these systems are a treasure-trove of integrated marketing data. A Drupal integration with your marketing systems will extend the campaign integrity out to your front facing website. Allow your Drupal website to be aware of your marketing campaigns for a consistent and personalized user experience.


Are you ready to build a visitor aware tracking and personalization platform with Acquia LIFT? When you integrate LIFT technology, your website will come alive and dynamically adjust the page level marketing assets to each visitor in real time. This is the next level of integration with marketing data, and it is already available with the proven, enterprise ready Drupal platform. Symmetri is an Acquia partner and we are ready to put these advanced Drupal based web solutions to work for your business or organization.