My Northville DECA Marketing Drupal Internship

As an upcoming junior at Northville High School, the idea of college admissions slowly becomes more important and frightening. Many high school students across the U.S. worry about what they need to achieve in order for a college to accept them. Some may apply for a part-time job or internship in their field of interest. These employment opportunities are an appealing opportunity to get on the job experience. Commercial Progression appealed to me as a website design company that could offer real marketing and business experience to ambitious, hard working people.

Winning the Race with Drupal

Winning the Web Development Race with Drupal (E6)

Commercial Progression presents Hooked on Drupal, “Episode 6: Winning the Web Development Race with Drupal".  In the latest installment; Alex Fisher, founder of Commercial Progression is joined by a special guest; Ann Siegle, CEO of Spoke8 Marketing.  Ann Siegle is not only a veteran of successful web development projects, but she is also a seasoned automotive racing enthusiast.  From Ann’s experiences in the grandstands and back at the shop, she has developed a rich metaphor that relates the efforts of web development and digital marketing to that of auto racing and building an effective racing team.  Commercial Progression and Spoke8 Marketing have formed a strong team with Drupal as the winning vehicle on the track.  In this candid discussion, Alex and Ann provide a tour of their winning open source web development strategies.