A leading-edge producer of retail displays and environments for brands across the globe, MSI’s capabilities extend far beyond that into solutions that drive awareness, evoke emotion, and shift consumer loyalty. Unfortunately, their core strengths of reliability, quality service, and advanced technology was not coming through in their corporate website. With a look and feel like every other custom retail design manufacturer in the market, MSI turned to Symmetri to revitalize its brand and web presence.

MSI Website Homepage
MSI Website Interior Page
MSI Website Interior Page


Symmetri helped develop a new brand strategy that focused on three pillars. Through MSI’s engineering capabilities, innovative technology, and commitment to service—retail brands would be ready to design, ready to build, and ready to open. Leveraging this message into a new web experience, the JAMSTACK developed      website used bold visuals, clean and simple design, and a confident attitude. The content highlighted MSI’s approach for creating more compelling store openings and redesigns. Original photography and video were captured to tell their story in an authentic, yet relevant manner.

Applying the latest in JAMSTACK web design methodologies, Symmetri developed the MSI website using the Hugo website framework and the Netlify CMS. This approach yielded a flexible design canvas for creating an engaging user experience that still loads lightning fast on all devices. Symmetri stays ahead of the curve by deploying the best technology to suit the needs of each project. JAMSTACK powered websites provide an extremely secure and fast-loading website, coupled with simplified content updates with the Netlify CMS.

MSI Mobile Responsive Website Design


The new website has not only rejuvenated the company, but it has also helped open the door to new opportunities for MSI.  

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