Operating under the North American brand for commercial and Industrial supplies, and the NVISION brand for marketing execution services, North American has always believed that the customer comes first. Their approach has been that every business is different, and every project requires their undivided attention. It’s why they’ve built a company on trust, reliability, and service. It’s in their DNA. However, their website did not reflect this. Symmetri was challenged to build a new web presence that would be an easy-to-use tool for customers, a foundation for future user-experience enhancements, and a lead generator for the business.

North American Drupal 8 Redesign Home Page
Drupal Website Interior Page Component
North American Drupal 8 Redesign Interior Page


Symmetri began with a discovery process that established key personas, key feature sets, information architecture, and content strategy. The design and copy brought out their human side by incorporating more emotion throughout the site in both visuals and headlines. It also leveraged the Drupal platform, with a flexible and easy management experience for featuring products and future e-commerce integrations. We also included a robust careers section to help attract the best talent. The new user-friendly site now conveyed a clearer picture of North American’s values and mission.

North American Mobile Responsive Website


In the first month after launch, contact submissions increased more than 100% from the previous month, the bounce rate decreased by almost 10%, while the average session duration increased more than 10%. Reporting and optimization are ongoing, but signs point to more relevant traffic and increased engagement post launch.  

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