Commercial Progression, the largest Drupal web development agency in Michigan, is now Symmetri Technology. This new name honors the relationship established when the company was acquired by, and merged with, Symmetri Marketing Group of Chicago, Illinois.

In 2016, Commercial Progression joined Symmetri Marketing Group, a full-service B2B brand and digital marketing agency. For organizations seeking to make life better, Symmetri’s mission is to help blaze new trails by creating interactions that are meaningful to their customers and to their brands. The agency offers a complete suite of brand and digital services, including brand development, marketing strategy, content creation, campaign management, consulting, and website design, development and support.

Commercial Progression’s legacy of providing expert Drupal development and support services motivated the 2016 acquisition, as Symmetri Marketing Group sought to bolster its technical capabilities and the quality of its web services. In Commercial Progression, Symmetri found a company with the technology expertise to both complement and extend the competitive advantage of its established B2B agency practice.

Symmetri realizes that customers have different expectations of brands today. No longer satisfied to compare one brand against others in the same category, people now compare the best brand interactions across all categories. Brands in every market succeed by building amazingly helpful experiences that anticipate their customers’ needs. To accomplish this for its clients, Symmetri must continually advance its capabilities in the web and mobile landscape. Its new sub-brand, Symmetri Technology, will sharpen the focus needed to build, maintain and market this distinct expertise. Symmetri Technology will continue to feature the Drupal open-source content management system as a core competency while simultaneously venturing into emerging technologies and programming languages, such as JAMstack, Symfony and progressive web applications.

Commercial Progression began doing business as Symmetri Technology on November 20, 2018. Its new name reflects the growth of this Drupal development agency into a leading web technology company, offering an increasingly diversified portfolio of strategic and applied web design, development, support and integration services. In alignment with the new name, Symmetri Technology has updated its website domain name to


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