MidCamp 2017 Chicago Drupal consulting agency sponsor

Commercial Progression, a Symmetri Marketing Group company and the largest Drupal consulting agency in Michigan, announces their sponsorship of MidCamp 2017 in Chicago Illinois. The Midwest Drupal Camp, also known as MidCamp (https://www.midcamp.org), is a 4th year web development conference bringing together people who develop, design, and support websites using the Drupal open source content management system. Commercial Progression is proud to be an official venue sponsor of this year’s MidCamp taking place on March 30th through April 2nd, 2017 at DePaul University Lincoln Park Campus, Chicago. Commercial Progression's merger with the Chicago based Symmetri Marketing Group in 2016 has provided new opportunities to be involved in the Chicago web design and development community with events like MidCamp.

Commercial Progression is the leading sponsor of the Michigan Drupal User Group (http://michigandrupal.com) and an annual sponsor of DrupalCamp Michigan. Commercial Progression (https://www.commercialprogression.com) is extending their long history of sponsorship and support of the Drupal community in Michigan to the Chicago area.

"We owe much of our success to the values of the open source community, giving back has always been an important ethic of Commercial Progression in Michigan," Said Alex Fisher, General Manager, Commercial Progression. "It only makes sense that we would take the same approach to community involvement and sponsorship in Chicago."

The Chicago area technology and open source software community offers exponential growth opportunities for Commercial Progression as a Drupal web design and development agency. Commercial Progression's merger with the Chicago based B2B branding and marketing agency, Symmetri Marketing Group (https://symmetrimarketing.com) in the second quarter of 2016 has given the merged company a complete suite of digital capabilities, with Drupal still as the core offering of the company's web content management services.

"Symmetri has brought a suite of strategic digital marketing and user experience capabilities to our service offerings" Said Andy Blanchard, Vice President, Commercial Progression. "But it is still Drupal that is employed to do the heavy lifting from a technical deployment perspective."

MidCamp has always featured curated sessions and panel conversations by internationally-renowned Drupal experts. In previous year's, MidCamp has hosted over 350 attendees the opportunity to increase their Drupal knowledge through networking, code sprints, training, and other resources.

"Our entire team of Drupal developers will benefit from the focused time together in Chicago," Said Chris Keller, Technology Director, Commercial Progression. "Many of our team members have attended MidCamp in the past and are looking forward to more learning and networking opportunities with their colleagues in Chicago."

Commercial Progression has a strong Drupal website portfolio of completed work for manufacturing, higher education, nonprofit, government, ecommerce, and other applications. Case studies of completed Drupal website projects will be available at their booth. Commercial Progression is actively recruiting Drupal developers and front end web designers to join their team. The development team and recruiting representatives will be available at MidCamp to answer questions from interested applicants.

Additional Information:

  • Learn more about Commercial Progression: https://www.commercialprogression.com
  • Follow @comprodrupal on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/comprodrupal
  • Register for MidCamp: https://www.midcamp.org
  • Follow @midwestcamp on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/midwestcamp #midcamp


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About Commercial Progression

Founded in 2008, Commercial Progression is a Symmetri Marketing Group company focused on Drupal website design, development and support. Commercial Progression serves the manufacturing, higher education, and media industries with clients including TRW Automotive, National Geographic, and The University of Michigan. Visit their website at www.commercialprogression.com.

About Symmetri Marketing Group

Founded in 2003, Symmetri Marketing Group is a full-service B2B brand and digital marketing agency focused on helping organizations create interactions that are meaningful to their customers, and to their brands. Symmetri’s mission is to use truth, purpose and creativity to build brands and drive sales for its clients. Visit their website at www.symmetrimarketing.com.