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Commercial Progression is proud to announce the launch of our new office in Grand Rapids Michigan during the first quarter of 2016.

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan — (February 3, 2015) — Commercial Progression, provider of world-class Drupal website design, development, and support services announced the opening of a new office in Grand Rapids as the most recent expansion of Commercial Progression's presence in Michigan. Andrew Blanchard, who joined Commercial Progression as Creative Director in 2011 and has over 12 years of digital design and production experience, is leading the company's effort to serve customers in Grand Rapid's thriving market for enterprise website technologies.

The new presence comes in response to proven demand for Drupal website and development services in Grand Rapids, where companies are investing in the open source technology to increase online engagement, manage web experience, and support digital marketing campaigns. Drupal's ability to integrate with ERP and CRM systems has made the open source platform an ideal solution for higher education, manufacturing, and ecommerce websites.

Mr. Blanchard heads up the launch of the Grand Rapids office after becoming the lead business development contact for West Michigan. Grand Rapids boasts a vibrant design community with a burgeoning collective of web development professionals. Mr. Blanchard's background with advertising and marketing agencies makes him an ideal candidate to bridge the conversation gap between web design and development. Focusing on the merits of a data driven design approach, Mr. Blanchard has implemented business driving website designs for ZF-TRW, The University of Michigan, and National Geographic.

"Most young designers create from the gut or that internal "looks good" instinct. As you gain more experience you realize your instincts can only get you so far. Working with a set of goals and data should become a critical part of your "good design" process," said Andrew Blanchard when presenting to a professional design Meetup on the value of modern analytics tools for web design.

"The opening of Commercial Progression's Grand Rapids office is a natural outgrowth of the strong Drupal customer base we already enjoy in Michigan," said Commercial Progression founder Alex Fisher. "Under Andrew's leadership, Commercial Progression's Grand Rapids office is well positioned to grow our Drupal clientele in the region by extending our strategic focus on customer business and marketing goals. The Grand Rapids office is further evidence of our commitment to Commercial Progression's continued growth as the largest Drupal website design and development company in Michigan."

"I am excited to lead the expansion of Commercial Progression through a local presence in Grand Rapids," said Andrew Blanchard, Commercial Progression's Creative Director. "Our success in the higher education and the manufacturing sectors, which have aggressive online growth demands, demonstrates Commercial Progression's value as a capable partner for designing, developing, and supporting enterprise ready Drupal websites. I fully expect Drupal to become the go to platform throughout the Grand Rapids market in the years to come."

Commercial Progression's new Grand Rapids office is located at 99 Monroe Ave NW #200 Grand Rapids, MI 49503. Contact the office at 734-393-4696. Commercial Progression's sponsorship of the Grand Rapids Dev Day, planned for March 12th, will invite attendees to meet Mr. Blanchard and other Commercial Progression executives as well as networking with open source web development and industry leaders.

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